Nicole Flatow

Nicole Flatow

Nicole Flatow is the editor of CityLab. She was previously U.S. enterprise editor at The Guardian.

CityLab Daily: Some News About CityLab’s Future

Also: The bankrupt American brands still thriving in Japan, and how media coverage of car crashes blames pedestrians.

CityLab Daily: A ‘Referendum on the Amazon Tax’

Also: D.C.’s hard road to safer streets, and lessons from an old map of Denver.

The Afrofuturist design in Wakanda.

The Social Responsibility of Wakanda’s Golden City

The designer behind Black Panther’s beloved city spent 10 months and 500 pages envisioning a futuristic urban space that puts people before technology.

Room to Grow: Our Series on Raising Tiny Humans in Cities

Ideas for urban families from Seoul to San Francisco.

CityLab Daily: Room to Grow

Also: Where Uber and transit go hand in hand, and the startup economy’s winners and losers.

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What Mayors Are Talking About

In their annual state of the city addresses, mayors are calling out the elephant in the room.

Cities Launch Plan to Protect Net Neutrality

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is leading a new coalition of 12 cities in a pledge to protect net neutrality—and shame companies who won’t.

Protesters lock arms as they block a driveway at the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services building in San Francisco on May 1, 2017.

'Cities Will Save Democracy If They Don’t Kill It First'

Eric Liu, a writer and thinker who teaches citizens to create their own power, has a bold challenge for city leaders.

Tokyo's Akihabara shopping district.

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