Nicole Javorsky

Nicole Javorsky

Nicole Javorsky is an editorial fellow at Mother Jones, and a former editorial fellow at CityLab.

The Children’s Book Map That Led Me Out of Depression

As a child, I loved the fantastical lands from The Phantom Tollbooth. As a troubled college student, I used them as a roadmap to self-acceptance.

Bringing New Life to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Lost Designs

“I would love to model all of Wright's work, but it is immense,” says architect David Romero. “I do not know if during all my life I will have time.”

A map of environmental justice policies in the U.S.

Which Cities Have Concrete Strategies for Environmental Justice?

Historically, local zoning codes and land-use laws have enforced segregation. Now, cities are using the same tools to enact environmental justice.

A photo of activist Linda Garcia standing in front of train tracks and an industrial facility.

How Linda Garcia Stopped an Oil Terminal From Coming to Her Neighborhood

The Vancouver, Washington, activist is among the six 2019 winners of the Goldman Environmental Prize.

A group of students talk as one tests a pedal-free bicycle they have built.

How an Ancestor of the Bicycle Relates to Climate Resilience

Architecture students in Buffalo built their own versions of the "laufmaschine," a proto-bike invented in response to a 19th-century environmental crisis.

a rendering of the moon village with a view of Earth

Designing the First Full-Time Human Habitat on the Moon

SOM, in partnership with the ESA and MIT, wants to accommodate research and maybe even tourism on the moon.

A photo of children walking in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Tactical Urbanism Makes Kids’ School Trips Safer in Africa

The inaugural WRI Ross Prize for Cities goes to SARSAI, a program that makes streets safer for children in Dar es Salaam and other African cities.

A photo of cherry trees in D.C.

The Uncertain Future of D.C.’s Cherry Blossoms

The cherry trees at the Tidal Basin look beautiful, but daily flooding at high tide and crumbling infrastructure are threatening their survival.

a photo of people waiting for the metro

A Zine That Captures the Many Faces of Washington, D.C.’s Metro Riders

Photographer Patrick Wright carried his camera on the city’s rapid transit system for four years, taking photos of over a thousand riders.

People handle guns on display at a show in Las Vegas.

The 3 Gun-Control Laws That Work Best in the U.S.

States with stricter gun-control laws have fewer homicides, especially when they’re used in combination, according to a new study.

Workers in a recycling facility sort material on a conveyer belt.

How American Recycling Is Changing After China’s National Sword

Times have been hard for U.S. recycling since China tightened its contamination standards, and local programs are trying to adjust.

Women and girls walk down a road carrying water on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, India.

For Water Systems That Work, Look to Women

In many countries, women collect water and manage its use in the home, but they are underrepresented in decision-making about this vital natural resource.

Children demonstrating over climate change in central London.

Why American Kids Are Joining the Global Climate Strike

“If the adults are going to screw up our entire future, we have to do something about it,” said one young activist joining the global Youth Climate Strike.

A photo of Lake Erie water looking green from algae.

Why Toledo Just Gave Legal Rights to Lake Erie

In a special election this week, voters supported a controversial ballot measure giving Lake Erie the right to “exist, flourish, and naturally evolve.”

A photo of Anne Wojcicki, CEO and co-founder of 23andMe, speaking at a conference.

Where Women Startup Founders Are Gaining Ground

The share of VC-backed startups with women founders has grown dramatically, but Silicon Valley lags behind other hubs.

We Found Love in the Gig Economy

“I never thought I’d marry a man through Uber.”

A classroom of students taking a quiz.

How Car Pollution Hurts Kids’ Performance in School

When students switch to schools downwind of major roads, their test scores fall and their absences increase, according to new research.

a photo of a high school in Jamaica, Queens, which is an example of modern architecture in Queens

This Architecture Historian Wants You to Respect Queens

It’s time to look beyond Manhattan, according to architectural historian Frampton Tolbert. His new project documents the overlooked postwar buildings of Queens.

A police officer displays a handgun checked in during a community gun buy-back program.

Teen Suicide Rates Are Higher In States Where More People Own Guns

A new study finds a striking correlation at the state level between rates of household gun ownership and youth suicide.

Men in reflective vests carry trash away from a historic site in Philadelphia.

National Parks Get Some Volunteer Love During Government Shutdown

With National Park Service employees furloughed and trash mounting, cleaning up “helped me feel like I was doing as much as I could,” said one volunteer.

A photo of a child waving home-made flags during a rally by youth activists and others in support of a high-profile climate change lawsuit in Seattle..

The Year of the Affected Generation

On issues like climate change and gun violence, younger people demanded a louder voice in 2018.