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Where Life Expectancy Is Dipping Across America

In 13 counties, residents can expect to die younger than their parents.

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How Unemployment Fuels America's Opioid Crisis

A new study backs up the notion that overdose deaths are “deaths of despair,” brought on by joblessness, hopelessness, and both physical and emotional pain.

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How to Break the Dangerous Cycle of Loneliness

Social isolation kills, and in the process it makes it harder to reach out to others. A psychologist explains how to stop the feedback loop.

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The Geography of Medical Debt

The prevalence of unpaid medical bills varies widely by state, but it affects the South disproportionately.

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Why Are So Many Americans Dying Young?

A new pair of studies show why—and where—American life expectancy has grown worse in a generation.

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Rio Is Building Igloos of Poop to Fix the Sewage Problem

As the government breaks its pledge to clean waterways, one community shows how it can be done.

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How Noise Pollution Hurts Kids

Studies suggest learning is harder in loud environments, and poor kids may suffer disproportionately.

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The Stigma of Running an Abortion Clinic in a Conservative Town

The Supreme Court struck down a law that would close many Texas clinics. But in conservative areas, staying open is just the start.

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It's Hard to Get Therapy Unless You're White

Even for those with insurance, getting mental healthcare means fighting through phone tag, payment confusion, and even outright discrimination.

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Is It Okay to Cry at Work?

Turns out, the answer’s steeped in outdated gender norms. And that’s unfair.

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The Connection Between Racial Segregation and Illness

Housing discrimination causes stress and shortens lifespans.

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Where to Buy a Safe Couch

Flame retardants are potentially harmful to human health. Here’s where to find couches that don’t contain them.

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How Modern Furniture Endangers Firefighters

Consumer goods are increasingly made of synthetic materials and coatings. The carcinogens they give off when they burn could be driving high cancer rates among first responders.

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How Walking in Nature Prevents Depression

A study finds that wild environments boost well-being by reducing obsessive, negative thoughts.

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Green Spaces Make Kids Smarter

A new study finds that vegetation around schools cuts down on air pollution and boosts memory and attention.

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The Tiny House Powered Only by Wind and Sun

At last, a micro-cottage for people who don’t want to figure out electrical wiring and plumbing.

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Like Yelp, but for Autism-Friendly Businesses

A father hopes to create an app that will help parents find restaurants and parks that are suitable for autistic children.

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Why Don't Convenience Stores Sell Better Food?

New programs aim to put more produce in corner stores in order to improve the health of low-income communities. Will it work?