Peter Yeung

Peter Yeung is a journalist based in London. His work has appeared in The Guardian, The Independent, the BBC, the Financial Times, and other publications.

photo: a Brazilian yellow scorpion.

Yellow Scorpions Are Invading Brazilian Cities

Hotter conditions and urbanization trends have made cities like São Paulo prime habitat for the deadly stinging creatures.

A man rides a scooter through a narrow, cobbled street lined by historic buildings.

Portugal Passes ‘Right to Housing’ Law As Prices Surge

The new law seeks to curb runaway gentrification in Lisbon and elsewhere by prioritizing affordable housing and stopping evictions, among other measures.

A man in a polo shirt stands in a large garbage dump.

The Toxic Effects of Electronic Waste in Accra, Ghana

Sorting through used electronics is a livelihood for many in the Agbogbloshie area, but toxic e-waste poses serious health risks.

An aerial view of where Saint-Louis, Senegal, meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Climate Change Is Already Battering This West African City

Home to nearly 300,000 people, Saint-Louis, Senegal, is seeing houses destroyed, streets flooded, and crops killed by encroaching saltwater.