Priti Salian

Priti Salian is an independent Bangalore-based journalist who writes on culture, social justice, and human rights. Her bylines include The Guardian, BBC, NBC News, National Geographic, and Bright.

Made from plant fibers and water, Bio-lutions' packaging biodegrades in a matter of months.

Making Products With Crop Waste Could Improve India's Air and Water

A company that makes packaging out of plant fibers hopes to address two problems at once: air pollution from the burning of crop stubble, and landfills and waterways clogged with plastic.

A child flies a kite at Nehru Nagar slum in Mumbai.

The Transformative Power of Play in Urban India

As urbanization shrinks places for recreation, Project KHEL finds new uses for slices of neighborhoods, parks, and fields and uses sports to introduce life skills to underserved kids.