Rebecca J. Rosen

Rebecca J. Rosen

Rebecca J. Rosen is a senior editor at The Atlantic, where she oversees coverage of American constitutional law and government in the Battle for the Constitution series.

A 1925 painting depicts George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and others signing the U.S. Constitution.

Can the U.S. Survive Without a Strong Middle Class?

In a powerful new book, the legal scholar Ganesh Sitaraman argues that America’s government will fall apart as inequality deepens.

A Vast New Archive of Images From the Great Depression

A new project from Yale invites viewers to explore some 175,000 photographs of America in the 1930s and '40s.

How to Take a Real Vacation: Set Your Office Emails to Auto-Delete While You're Gone

One company is replacing "out-of-office" replies with auto-delete so workers don't fret about returning to a mountain of mail.

How Much Do Hurricanes Hurt the Economy?

Climate-change researchers say the idea that weather disasters can improve infrastructure through "creative destruction" is a myth, and project that future storms may run the planet nearly $10 trillion.

Portraits of Jobs That No Longer Exist

More than a decade ago, Radio Diaries chronicled the lives of people in old-school industries. Today, their voices bring back a city that's long gone.

How Much Are the World's Ecosystems Worth?

$142.7 trillion annually, according to one new estimate.

The Lives of America's Homeless

An oral-history project seeks to document some of the least-heard voices in society: those with no permanent address.