Richard Florida

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If Cities Ruled the World

A discussion between Richard Florida, Jonathan Haidt, and the late Benjamin Barber about how how “rebel cities” can resist the Trump administration and create a new form of “urban sovereignty.”

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The United Cities of America

Americans on the right have long argued for the “devolution” of power from the federal government to the states. With President Trump in office, Americans on the left should consider taking that idea further: devolving power to cities.

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Glaeser and Florida on Backlash, Decline, and Renewal

Edward Glaeser and Richard Florida take questions on the future of cities and how their thinking has changed.

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Two Takes on the Fate of Future Cities

A conversation between Ed Glaeser and Richard Florida on what urban policy needs to work towards in an uncertain future.

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Meet the 'New Urban Luddites'

We need a stronger word than ‘NIMBY’ to describe how destructive “winner-take-all” urbanism can be.

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Mapping the New Urban Crisis

Which cities have the most severe income inequality, class segregation, and unaffordable housing?

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Confronting the New Urban Crisis

In this excerpt from his new book, Richard Florida explains how “winner-take-all urbanism” has deepened inequality, segregation, and poverty—and what cities can do about it.

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The Roots of the New Urban Crisis

In an excerpt from his new book, Richard Florida warns of “the central crisis of our times”—the growing cleavage between superstar cities and those left behind.  

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What Drove the Driving Downturn?

In an (academic) brawl over sprawl, planners are debating whether compact development contributed to a recent decrease in vehicles miles traveled.

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Can Startups Save Struggling Metros?

The Bay Area’s tech hubs are the big drivers of job creation, but a new index for startup jobs—pulling from online job listings—also finds economic dynamism in other cities.

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The 'Big Liberal City' Isn’t Big Enough

Despite their immense economic power, American metros would have to be much larger to remain competitive around the world.

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The Class Geography of New York City

Where do the five boroughs live and work?

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The Geography of Populist Discontent

“There are times when rational, well-educated societies lose a sense of perspective,” says urban scholar Josef Konvitz. The global populist backlash represents one of those times.

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What Is Really Behind the Populist Surge?

It’s not about “economic anxieties.”

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The Economic Power of Cities Compared to Nations

Sorry, Canada—your entire economy would fit inside Tokyo.

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For Most Cities, the Tech Boom Is a Bust

Contrary to technology’s image as an equalizer, digital service jobs in United States have clustered and concentrated in a select few metros.

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Where Segregation Makes America's Housing Divide Worse

An analysis finds metros with more polarized housing values are also more segregated.

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Handing Out Tax Breaks to Businesses Is Worse Than Useless

A new study exposes the futility of the $45 billion that states spend on economic development incentives.