Robert Muggah

Robert Muggah

Robert Muggah is co-founder of the Brazil-based Igarapé Institute, a “think and do tank,” and co-directs the SecDev Group, a firm devoted to solving digital and urban risks.

Venezuelan refugees arrive at Boa Vista Airport in Brazil.

Cities Need to Welcome—Not Resist—Refugees

A surge in migrants has fueled populist backlashes in cities around the world. But urban areas have a key role to play in mitigating the crisis.

A man walks at the site of the October 14 twin bombings in Mogadishu, Somalia, one of the world's most fragile cities.

Where Are the World’s Most Fragile Cities?

Climate change, economic inequality, and political unrest are making some of the world’s fastest growing cities dangerously unstable. But even the most fragile places are fixable.