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The Art of Encouraging Graffiti

A new book explores how building owners and mural artists are working together to deter unwanted tagging.


An Anonymous Group Is Fixing Bike Lanes Where New York Isn't

The “Transformation Department” has challenged the city’s commitment to cyclists.

This Video of New Yorkers Stuck on a Subway Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

“I’m glad I was stuck with all you guys.”

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Can the Least-Loved Bike Infrastructure Be Improved?

Oakland tries a makeover for the humble sharrow.

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The Robert Moses Vs. Jane Jacobs Opera Is Almost Here

It’s a love triangle—with both figures “vying for the love of the city.”

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What Would a 'Cycling Utopia' Look Like?

Stephen Fleming’s Velotopia concept envisions a perfect bike city.

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Fighting the Notion of 'Pedestrian Error' in Dallas Street Deaths

One city council member says it's time to stop blaming the victims and start addressing the real problem: car-friendly design.

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In St. Louis, Fears Rise as a Landfill Fire Nears a Radioactive Waste Site

The release of an emergency plan in case of “a catastrophic event” has locals understandably on edge.

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Should Cyclists Have to Stop at Stop Signs?

A proposal to make San Francisco the first major city to adopt the so-called “Idaho stop” is under intense debate.

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Gentrification Backlash Has Inspired Its Own Backlash

Not everybody in the new wave of urban development is backing down.

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A Parking Lot That Drinks Stormwater

Topmix Permeable concrete soaks up 4,000 liters in 60 seconds.

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The Immigrant Roots of Nativist Donald Trump

How the grandson of Friedrich Trump from Kallstadt, Germany, became the voice of U.S. anti-immigration policy.

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The Grassroots Campaign to Slow Down Traffic in the U.K.

The push for 20 mph speed limits has reached millions of residents.

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How San Francisco Got More Drivers to Yield to Pedestrians

The data-driven solution was part marketing, part enforcement, and part community outreach.

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A Case Study in Reviving a Dying Downtown

Marcus Westbury’s new book, Creating Cities, describes the small-scale fixes that helped Newcastle, Australia.

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How to Be a Chairbomber

An urban strategist shares the secrets of making a good public seat.

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The Mainstream Appeal of Outlaw Street Art

Shepard Fairey was commissioned to paint a mural in downtown Detroit. Now the city is prosecuting him for destruction of property.

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Late to the Bike-Share Party, L.A. Could End Up a Leader

The proposed system will become part of the city’s public transportation system—a first in the U.S.