Sarah Holder

Sarah Holder

Sarah Holder is an editorial fellow at CityLab.

People stand by a banner of Martin Luther King.

Biloxi's Fight to Celebrate Martin Luther King

Since the 1980s, the Mississippi city has officially celebrated “Great Americans Day,” not MLK Day. This year, that changes—and the backstory is more complex than it first appears.

Why New York City Is Getting Its Money Out of Fossil Fuels

The move to divest funds from fossil fuel interests in resistance to climate change has been slowly building. With New York City joining the effort, there's a new multi-billion-dollar signal.

What Happened to Crime in Camden?

Often ranked as one of the deadliest cities in America, Camden, New Jersey, ended 2017 with its lowest homicide rate since the 1980s.

The First U.S. City Bans Bump Stocks. Will Others Follow?

Despite a restrictive state preemption law, Columbia, South Carolina, became the first known city to ban the use of the controversial firearm accessory that made the Las Vegas shooter so deadly. The mayor hopes it will ignite local—and national—action.

Can the Blockchain Tame Moscow's Wild Politics?

Critics say that the city’s Active Citizen app, which allows residents of the Russian capital to vote on municipal projects, is vulnerable to manipulation. The solution? Put it on the blockchain.

What Happens to Ambulance Calls When Uber Enters a City

In cities where the popular ride-sharing app is used, ambulance usage went down by 7 percent, according to a new study.

The Hidden Rooms Within New York's Public Housing

A new study from New York’s Independent Budget Office reveals that nearly a third of public housing units are under-occupied, often by older residents living alone. But can the city find a humane fix?

Don't Take Out a Second Mortgage to Buy Bitcoin

According to regulator Joseph Borg, the bubble’s going to burst.

How a Bid for Amazon HQ2 Got Tangled Up in a Fight for LGBTQ Rights

Georgia’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act has been stalled for four years amid fears it will deter economic investment. Will Amazon finally kill it?

What the Republican Tax Bill Means for Commuters, Renters, and Retirees

The most serious effects of the House and Senate proposals would unfold over years for urban citizens.

A "For Rent" sign is posted outside a small apartment complex in Carlsbad, California

The Technology That Aims to Disrupt the Security Deposit

Rentberry, an online rental marketplace, wants tenants to pay security fees in cryptocurrency and have micro-lenders cover most of the deposit. What could go wrong?

Where It Pays to Drive Electric

A new study from the Union of Concerned Scientists found that EV drivers save almost $800 a year, depending on where, when, and how they charge.

The Extreme Amazon Bidder Just Got Real

Chula Vista is offering free land; Fresno is ceding community control; and New Jersey is offering $7 billion in incentives. Here’s what else we know about the 30 publicly available Amazon HQ2 bids.

Are Electric Vehicles About to Hit a Roadblock?

With the EV tax credit on the chopping block and Tesla experiencing production delays, dreams of an electric future might prove elusive in the U.S.

Look to Yelp to Remember Trump's First Year

Immigration lawyers and psychologists were in high demand—as were margaritas.

In City Hall, Women Make History

More women are on track to be elected mayor in the top 100 cities than ever before—in some major cities, for the first time. But not before overcoming some major hurdles.

The City Policy Initiatives on the Ballot Tuesday

Voters in U.S. cities will weigh in on drugs, partying, renting, and rooftop gardening. Their decisions could have national implications.

Kathy Tran

The New Wave of Local Candidates Running for Office

On the first election day after Trump’s win, many new pledges to run for office have actually materialized. And yes, lots of them are women.

Should U.S. Cities Ban Winter Evictions?

France’s “trêve hivernale” policy prevents evictions from November 1 until March 31. The U.S. has only a patchwork of cold-weather renter protections.

A foreclosure notice on a home in Cincinnati, one of cities with the highest eviction rates in the U.S.

Where Evictions Hurt the Most

A new Apartment List report aims to more accurately estimate the scope of America’s eviction problem.

What's With All These Other DREAM Acts?

Five different pieces of legislation have been proposed to keep DACA recipients from being deported. Here’s how to tell them apart.