Sarah Holder

Sarah Holder

Sarah Holder is a staff writer at CityLab.

Everything Is a Lie, But Especially That Cheap Apartment Listing

Tenant beware: Some cities are hotbeds of rental fraud, and Millennials are the most vulnerable targets.

The Data Brigade of Tulsa, Oklahoma

The city’s Republican mayor was elected on a platform to govern by data. Now, he's deploying volunteer analysts to execute on his vision.

BRB, Fleeing to Space

Meet the founders of Asgardia, the first official space-based nation.

Clasped hands in front of a banner at the Poor People's Campaign rally in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, June 23, 2018,

Poor People United and Protesting, Across the Nation

On Saturday, 50 years after the Poor People’s Campaign first took to Washington, the advocacy group started by Martin Luther King gathered again in the capital to continue his fight.

A Honduran immigrant marches in a May Day protest calling for better labor rights for immigrant workers.

The Price of Domestic Workers’ Invisible Labor in U.S. Border Towns

“The fear is historic in this region and the policies of hate in this administration have reached new levels,” says a community organizer in Alamo, Texas.

When ‘Sanctuary’ Policies Aren’t Enough

Many cities and states have long used "sanctuary" status as a means of resisting Trump's immigration policy. Now, they're floating several new ideas.

Why Do Cities Want Their Own Cryptocurrencies?

The allure of digital currencies has hit Dubai, Seoul, Berkeley, and more. What looks like another offshoot of the Bitcoin craze could be an evolution of the municipal bond.

The Precipitous Fall of Seattle’s ‘Amazon Tax’

The city’s ambitious plan to fund affordable housing by taxing corporations had a very short life. What happened?

Mark Janus and supporters outside of the United States Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., February, 2018.

Who Might be Affected Most by the Supreme Court's Collective Bargaining Decision

The high court's ruling means public-sector workers who don't want to join a union don't have to pay union fees.

Living Paycheck to Paycheck, and Hour to Hour

A new survey finds that service workers in Connecticut are hungry for more hours, and for more predictable schedules.

Can Cities Make Big Business Pay?

After the city passed a tax on businesses to tackle its housing crisis, corporations mounted a counter-attack. And other cities are watching.

There's One Thing Uber Hasn't Disrupted: Work.

Despite the gig-economy hype, the share of independent workers in the U.S. has dropped over the last decade. And Uber itself has a smaller role as an employer

Michael Bloomberg awards cities for creating innovative projects to tackle climate change in 2016.

One Year After Trump Left the Paris Agreement, Who’s Still In?

City and state coalitions just announced they’ll be setting their own climate goals.

Public school buses are parked in Springfield, Ill.

The Yellow School Bus Needs a Green Makeover

The diesel-sucking dinosaurs from your childhood are due for an update.

A photo illustration shows a homeless encampment in Seattle.

The Tech That’s Changing How Cities Help the Homeless

From mapping apps to the blockchain, new tools are intended to give cities the information they need to address this growing challenge.

What Did Cities Actually Offer Amazon?

Activists are on a quest to find out.

Is Washington Big Enough for Two Tech Giants?

Apple and Amazon could be neighbors.

Arizona teachers gather at the state capitol. Their six-day walkout ended on Thursday.

What Arizona Teachers Are Still Fighting For

The six-day walkout of the state’s public school teachers wasn’t just about paychecks, says one Glendale teacher.

Will Seattle's Plan for a Progressive Tax Scare Amazon Away?

Seattle wants big businesses to fund affordable housing and reduce homelessness. Amazon isn’t happy.

Where Commuting Is Out of Control

Lack of affordable housing and sub-par mass transit are boosting the ranks of “super commuters” in some regions outside of pricey metros.

A California resident protesting law enforcement actions against medical marijuana outside the federal courthouse in Sacramento, California in 2011.

Before They Were Anti-Sanctuary, They Were Anti-Cannabis

To understand legal battles over California’s sanctuary state policies, look to the historical struggle over cannabis legislation.