Sarah Holder

Sarah Holder

Sarah Holder is a staff writer at CityLab.

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaks from a podium

‘This is a Man-Made Disaster’: Mayors Escalate Their Own Shutdown Plans

Hundreds of mayors gathered in D.C. heard House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s pitch to end the shutdown. And they floated new ideas for taking matters into their own hands.

A TSA worker at Reagan National Airport.

Will Cities Pay Federal Workers During the Shutdown?

San Jose is offering its airport workers loans during the shutdown. More cities are following.

The ‘Marie Kondo Effect’ Comes at a Weird Time for Thrift Stores

Netflix’s hit show has everyone tidying up, but that's not the only reason second-hand stores are being flooded with donations.

L.A. teachers holding solidarity signs.

The Los Angeles Teachers’ Strike: It's Not Just About Wages

Members of the largest Los Angeles teachers’ union plan to walk out of LAUSD classrooms. Some demands: smaller classes, more resources, better pay.

An illustration depicting a scooter crash.

Anatomy of an Electric Scooter Crash

The rise of the rented e-scooter has also brought safety fears and injury-related lawsuits. What happens when a new mobility mode meets the American legal system?

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio speaking at Lincoln Hospital.

New York City’s New ‘Universal’ Health Care Plan, Explained

Bill de Blasio’s new “health care for all” plan targets the national fight over universal coverage and immigration. But what is the plan, exactly?

A photo of Zavian Tate, a student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, pushing a large Amazon Dash button, in Birmingham, Alabama, which submitted a bid for Amazon HQ2.

2018 Was the Year Cities Trusted Amazon

After 14 months, Amazon’s HQ2 hunt ended with a split decision in Washington, D.C. and New York City. What did we learn?

A public toilet in Portland, Oregon.

D.C.’s Downtown Was a Public Bathroom Desert. That Could Soon Change.

Homeless activists pushed Washington D.C. to pass expansive public restroom legislation. Now the city is moving to increase toilet access for the public.

A photo of a post office in the snow.

A Prayer for the Post Office

While USPS workers deliver Christmas gifts, Mark Dimondstein, president of the American Postal Workers’ Union, is busy fending off demands to privatize the mail.

Five dragon decorations sit on the front lawn of a Louisiana home.

Her Neighbor Hated Her Dragon Nativity Scene. So She Got More Dragons.

A lesson in Christmastime neighborliness from South Louisiana.

Apple's planned new campus in Austin, Texas.

Why Apple Bet on Austin’s Suburbs for Its Next Big Expansion

By adding thousands more jobs outside the Texas capital, Apple has followed a tech expansion playbook that may just exacerbate economic inequality.

A photo of a Christmas tree in downtown Rome.

The Tree That Ruined Your City’s Christmas

From Rome to Baltimore, the quality of the municipal Christmas tree can expose a city’s deeper failures.

Students in Chandler, Arizona.

How Corporate Tax Incentives Rob Public School Budgets

A new Good Jobs First study shows that corporate tax incentives—like those given for Amazon HQ2—have diverted at least $1.8 billion from public schools.

Anti-Amazon graffiti in Long Island City, Queens.

Amazon HQ2 and the ‘Gentrification of Jobs’

Amazon has said each HQ2 site will result in 25,000 jobs. Will the working-class benefit? Will Amazon train locals for future employment?

Long Island City, Queens residents in a park.

What New Yorkers Really Think of Amazon HQ2

More than half of them welcome the tech giant, according to a Quinnipiac poll. But support varies by borough, and race.

An oil derrick and wind turbines stand next to each other on plains in Texas.

Why This Republican Mayor Spoke at Bernie Sanders’s Climate Town Hall

“The future is working in renewables, and it’s not working in coal,” Dale Ross, the mayor of Georgetown, Texas, tells CityLab.

The Google logo outside its Beijing campus

Inside San Jose’s Deal to Develop a Google Campus—Sans Tax Incentives

San Jose’s mayor says he wants the deal to be the ultimate foil to Amazon’s HQ2 process. Will the community agree?

A fast-food worker is detained by police outside a McDonalds during a protest for a higher minimum wage.

Philadelphia Service Workers Could Be Next to Get a Fair Workweek Law

The city’s bill is the most expansive effort yet to tame on-call scheduling, and the unpredictability it adds to workers’ lives.

Nebraskans voting on a Medicaid expansion ballot measure, November 2018

The Ballot Initiative Returns to its Progressive, Populist Roots

Democrats and Republicans are using ballot measures to motivate voters. The record turnout in the midterm elections this November may indicate that it’s working.

A photo of a mural in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Stop Complaining About Your Rent and Move to Tulsa, Suggests Tulsa

In an effort to beef up the city’s tech workforce, the George Kaiser Family Foundation is offering $10,000, free rent, and other perks to remote workers who move to Tulsa for a year.