Sarah Treleaven

Sarah Treleaven is a Canadian journalist who divides her time between Toronto and Jerusalem.

'Love Doesn't Have to Be in Your Backyard'

In cities with small Jewish communities, finding a partner who shares religious values can seem impossible. These jet-setting matchmakers work to overcome that geographic barrier.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tours an urban greenhouse.

Is Personalized, Next-Day Delivery the Future of Urban Farming?

A rooftop-farming venture in Montreal has found success with a model that’s part CSA, part Amazon Prime.

In Montreal, French Expats Find Language Doesn't Translate to Community

More Parisians are moving to Quebec seeking lower rents, jobs, and an easy cultural fit. But as housing prices rise, so does resentment among the city’s locals.

Carrots, corn, and potatoes are piled at a food bank

Designing Dignity in Food Banks

A vegetarian hunger-relief organization in Toronto argues that patrons shouldn’t be forced to choose between nutrition and their principles.

A woman walks down a street with her shadow caught in steam rising from the ground

Retracing the Steps of Trailblazing Women on Paris's Streets

New walking tours underline the overlooked contributions of female scientists, activists, and writers in the City of Light.

Eating Towards Empathy in Tel Aviv

A tasting tour aims to bridge community connections between Israelis and immigrants in Neve Shaanan.