Simone d'Antonio

Simone d"Antonio is a Rome-based journalist who covers innovation, sustainability and urban issues.  

How Turin Is Converting a Dead Industrial Area Into an Innovation Hub

By the end of this year, “Ex-Incet” will have space for community meetings, religious gatherings, and social enterprises.

How Ljubljana Turned Itself Into Europe's 'Green Capital'

A booming, car-free downtown and underground waste disposal facilities show how a small city can lead the way on sustainability.

How a Regulation Turned Bologna's Civic Pride Into Action

The policy connects citizen volunteers with government backing and assets.

In Italy, a Struggling Town Looks to Refugees for Revival

Satriano is enthusiastically lining up jobs and housing for refugees in hopes of turning around its long population decline.

Pope Francis the Urbanist

Mayors from around the world are gathering this week at the Vatican, which has quietly put together a record of urban innovation both inside its walls and across Rome.

Albania Hopes Fewer Local Governments Means Better-Run Cities

Inside a dramatic consolidation of local government.

As Expo 2015 Nears, Milan Embraces the Sharing Economy

Milan is about to get 20 million visitors over six months. It will be the biggest test yet of "collaborative consumption."

How Italy Put Cities in Charge

The country hopes the move will get people more involved in government—and save some money.