Steve Holt

Steve Holt

What Can Substitute Teachers Do for City Schools?

This start-up dispatches artists and activists to fill in for full-time instructors and teach kids new real-world skills.

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Pinpointing the Health Impacts of Urban Noise

Researcher Erica Walker wants to change the way cities think about their aural landscapes.  

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9 Annoying Things That Ruin Community Meetings, According to Absolutely Everyone

Step away from the mic.


9 Annoying Things You Do in Cabs, According to a Cab Driver

Stop backseat driving.

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The Newest Odd Couple: Real Estate Developers and Urban Farmers

It's an unexpected romance that's blossoming in surprising ways.

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Why You're Free to BYOB in Philly, But in Boston It's Complicated

The Boston City Council is finally considering allowing diners to bring their own alcohol to local restaurants. Here's why this is even a debate.

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9 Super-Annoying Things You Do at Restaurants, According to Restaurant Workers

Pro tip: They can tell when you're faking that food allergy.


Why Restaurant Week Won't Die, Despite the Haters

Every year, critics complain about amateur eaters and disappointing food. So why do so many cities keep the tradition going?


The Long Road to Reviving Boston's Public Market

Once home to one of the country's first public markets, the city faces tough choices in bringing one back