Tanner Howard

Tanner Howard

Tanner Howard is a freelance journalist and master's student in urban policy and planning at the University of Illinois–Chicago. They write about housing issues, queer culture, and Chicago history, with clips in the Guardian, Columbia Journalism Review, and more.

Construction of new skyscrapers on the New York skyline.

Are Planners Partly to Blame for Gentrification?

In his new book Capital City, Samuel Stein contends that real-estate interests have co-opted urban planning and made planners complicit in gentrification.  

An archived Geocities family homepage showing a green cottage against a background of fall leaves.

How Geocities Suburbanized the Internet

In the 1990s, AOL and Netscape got Americans onto the web, but it was Geocities—with its suburban-style “neighborhoods”—that made them feel at home.