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Sanctuary Cities Are Winning

A federal court blocks Trump’s January executive order seeking to punish jurisdictions that divorce local policing from federal immigration enforcement.

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Anatomy of the 7 Train

How the most diverse subway line in America forges a shared urban identity, according to a new book.

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The Anti-Poverty Program That Transcends Divides

Expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit would help low- and middle-income taxpayers, regardless of their geography or political beliefs.

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Readers' Comments: The Hourly Wage Required to Rent a Two-Bedroom Apartment

“It's expensive to live in desirable places.”

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Why It Would Be a Mistake to Cut This HUD Program

A new Urban Institute report corrects the record on the benefits and flaws of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program.


The War on Immigrants Just Escalated

But the "new era" of draconian enforcement that Jeff Sessions just announced is based on faulty assumptions about criminality and immigration.

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Not Just Another Art Gallery in a Gentrifying Neighborhood

“I don’t want to presume that I'm bringing cultural equity that didn’t exist before,” says Joeonna Bellorado-Samuels, the curator of We Buy Gold.

Understanding Homelessness/Sasaki

Mapping America's Intractable Homelessness Problem

A new data project aims to help people understand one of the country’s most complex and enduring challenges.

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Mosque NIMBYism: The Neighborhood Muslim Ban

In communities across the U.S., zoning laws are being used to obstruct the construction of new mosques and Islamic centers.


How To End Housing Discrimination Against Transgender People

When it comes to housing access, New York City is an especially hard place to live for trans and gender non-conforming people.

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Why Immigrants Are Leaving Chicago

The city has long depended on an influx of immigrants, but they’ve stopped moving there—and the ones who already live there often can’t stay.


The High Price of a Divided City

Who bears the economic burdens of segregation?

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A Pedestrian Battle Cry, in Comic Form

In India’s most lethal city for traffic-related deaths, an urban designer/artist is fighting for walkability and safety.

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Where the American Dream Lives and Dies

The urban-rural divide is real, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

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What Happens When a Poor City Raises Its Minimum Wage to $15?

Baltimore isn’t as economically healthy as Seattle or San Francisco. That can be an argument both for and against its new legislation.

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A Citizen's Guide To Power

In his new book, author Eric Liu lays out a road map for creating change.

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Adapting 'Sanctuary Cities' to the Trump Era

Cities and immigration advocates are trying to figure out how to offer meaningful protection to undocumented immigrants.

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Mapping the Achievement Gap

A colorful dot map reveals the stark differences in educational levels across urban and rural areas—as well as the effects of racial segregation within cities.