Teresa Mathew

Teresa Mathew

Teresa Mathew is an editorial fellow at CityLab.

A woman holds a sign saying "Today We Count! Fill it Out, Mail it Back."

The Constitutional Counting Crisis

Budgetary issues have led to a host of other problems for the Census Bureau. Now, the NAACP is seeking to ensure that vulnerable populations aren't overlooked in 2020.

Rami Nashashibi stands in front of a sign for IMAN, his organization.

Building Community on the Back of Belief

MacArthur grant recipient Rami Nashashibi talks about how interfaith activism can galvanize cities.

A living room with a plastic-wrapped sofa and patterned wallpaper

New York City, Under a Single Roof

In a new exhibition, the Tenement Museum teaches immigration policy through the stories of three families on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

The leaves on trees frame a woman who stands at the fence around the reservoir in Central Park in New York City.

How Should We Pay for Street Trees?

A new report argues that the urban canopy should be considered—and funded—as a part of a city’s public health infrastructure.

The winner of the Miss Subways 2017 pageant tearfully accepts her crown.

The Coronation of a Transit Queen

Brooklyn’s City Reliquary Museum put on the Miss Subways 2017 pageant to raise awareness about New York’s most beloved and reviled mode of transportation.

Voters in a polling place during an election

Can Data Defeat Gerrymandering?

Increasingly sophisticated mapping platforms have made redistricting easier—but data could also be the key to untangling the problem.

A boy uses his laptop to do homework

Broadband Is Largely Inaccessible to Those Who Need it Most

Because of high prices and low accessibility, poor and rural communities are the least likely to subscribe to high-speed internet.

A young black man looks at the camera, sitting in a field surrounded by people wearing white.

Documenting Detroit Through Local Photographers' Eyes

This nonprofit gives its fellows resources, mentorship, and the chance to tell the stories of their city.

An overhead shot of a 3-D model of part of Kuwait

How a South African Artist Blends Art and Urbanization

In her latest project, Svea Josephy uses blueprints to explore a city’s spaces.

A man waters his plants

How to Solve the Environmental Information Divide

A recent report from the World Resources Institute examines what happens when water quality data is inaccessible to local communities.

A hand holds out a voting card and a Texas driver's license

Vulnerable Communities Lose Critical Documentation in Natural Disasters' Wake

Texas’s S.B. 5 voting ID law, struck down last week, could have had serious consequences for minority voters impacted by Tropical Storm Harvey.

A woman walks past the First International Haitian Church in Little Haiti.

Global Warming Could Change the Face of Little Haiti

As sea levels rise and Miami’s wealthier residents flee inwards, neighborhoods like Little Haiti may become victims of climate gentrification.

An ICE agent arrests an Iranian immigrant in California in May.

Illinois Targets Trump's Immigration Agenda

The Illinois TRUST Act is an effort to resist federal pressure to crack down on undocumented immigrants.

A bus drives through a busy city intersection

A Filmmaker's 'Bizarre, Impossible Journey' Through Urban Spaces

Páraic Gloughlin’s short film, Chase examines how natural and unnatural spaces tap into how it feels to be alive in a city.

New public notice signs from Atlanta's Department of City Planning.

Atlanta's Planning Department Makeover

A new seal, a new name, and most importantly, new signs that people will actually read.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer in 2016.

Can a City Be Compassionate?

Mayor Greg Fischer is serious about making Louisville a kinder place in an increasingly angry nation.

A young girl writes on a clipboard in the botanical garden.

Creating the Next Generation of Urban Conservationists

There’s a few things kids can do to influence how adults view biodiversity, according to a new study.

Facebook's California campus

America's Most (and Least) Sustainable Cities, Ranked

When it comes to sustainability in urban centers, the West Coast is faring better than the rest of the country.

A man prays in front of the stained glass windows of a mosque

How Houses of Worship Help Immigrants Adjust to America

These churches and mosques assist their congregations with everything from civic rights to the college application processes.

A photograph of Alaudin Ullah's father, Habib Ullah, with his family in Spanish Harlem

Preserving the Legacy of Bengali Harlem

Author and filmmaker Vivek Bald is highlighting the lost history of South Asian immigrants in America.

A person walks past a storefront with a sign in the window reading "We Are All One"

How Can Small Businesses Create Safer Communities?

A local coalition is training Oakland’s brick-and-mortar employees in everything from de-escalation tactics to emergency medical care.