Tom Dart

Tom Dart is a Houston-based freelance journalist.

Aerial photo of a flooded residential neighborhood with rescue boats in the streets.

Will ‘Gray’ or ‘Green’ Flood Infrastructure Protect Houston?

As greater Houston seeks protection from the next Hurricane Harvey, using natural features like prairies and sand dunes to control water is gaining purchase.

A Party to Bring the East Houston Community Together

As gentrification brings shifts to the East End of Houston, a new resident hopes to bring the community together with a greet, eat, and meet gathering.

Ahead of the midterms, Representative John Culberson talks to local residents while campaigning on foot in Houston.

Extreme Weather Is Now an Election Issue

In Texas’s 7th district, congressional candidates have sparred over the response to Hurricane Harvey. Elsewhere, climate change, floods, wildfires, and red-tide algae are factors in the midterms.

A flooded residential neighborhood seen from the air.

Houston’s Multi-Billion-Dollar Bet to Survive the Next Harvey

On August 25, the anniversary of Hurricane Harvey’s landfall, Harris County will vote on a $2.5 billion flood-control bond package that one disaster expert calls “a first step.”

Texas City Opts for 100 Percent Renewable Energy—to Save Cash, Not the Planet

It's not about going green for Georgetown, Texas.