Tracey Lindeman

Tracey Lindeman

Tracey Lindeman is a freelance journalist based in Ottawa where she writes about technology, transportation and business.

Will Quebec’s New, Pro-Highway Government Collide With Montreal?

A newly elected center-right party could put the province in ideological opposition to its biggest city, a left-leaning metropolis with a mayor that has promised better public transit, social inclusion, and sustainable development.

Canada's National Holocaust Monument

Finding Light Through the Concrete of Canada's Holocaust Monument

Daniel Libeskind brings his Deconstructivist aesthetic to Ottawa as a contemplation of the humanity and politics behind genocide.

In Montreal, a Transit Idea Heats Up a Mayoral Race

A proposed “Pink Line” would connect some of the poorer and more densely populated areas to downtown. The incumbent mayor is shrugging off his opposition’s idea.

The Sign Painters of New Orleans

A distinctive local tradition is kept alive by a handful of mostly older black artists.

Dragging Montreal's Taxi Industry Into the 21st Century

A company with an all-electric fleet of cabs and 40 percent of all medallions in the city is a beacon of light for Montreal’s taxi business.