Vicky Gan

Vicky Gan is a former editorial fellow at CityLab.

The Murky Legality of E-Bikes

You’ve probably spotted delivery guys zipping around on e-bikes. Are they skidding afoul of the law? That’s tough to say.

Predict Your Risk in Seattle's Big Earthquake

The city released an online map tool for natural hazards.

How to Give Better Directions

Word order makes a difference, according to a new study.

Austin's Compost Pedallers Pick Up Your Food Scraps by Bike

Diverting waste from landfills without emissions.

How to Market Healthy Food in a Rural Town

A new study illustrates the unique challenges and opportunities of healthy eating campaigns in rural communities.

The Invention of Telecommuting

Working remotely long predated third-wave coffee shops and sleek co-working spaces.

A Day in the Life, in Objects

Designer Paula Zuccotti asked 62 people from around the world to record every item they touched in a single day.

Mapping Calories Burned Walking Around New York

A healthy alternative to waiting for the train.

How to Reduce Cyclists' Exposure to Air Pollution

Bike lanes aren’t enough, according to a new Fort Collins commuting study.

These Candles Symbolize Climate Change

They melt just like glaciers.

The Fight to Rid Black Women's Hair Salons of Toxic Chemicals

Chemicals in hair relaxers and other products can have dangerous side effects—especially for salon workers. But a number of groups are trying to change that.

Around the World in Concrete Puzzles

Logiplaces transform cities and natural landmarks into “playable landscapes.”

A City Bureaucrat Created an Ode to an Ottawa Bus Route

How DJ and cultural planner Kwende Kefentse created a soundtrack for his city.

The Anti-Stereotype Party Game

This game challenges your social biases.

The Hippest Cafe in Providence Was Totally Fake

It was an art project satirizing the exclusivity of foodie culture.

A Ride-Hailing App for Rickshaws

A start-up in Pakistan is trying to make it easier to get a lift.

An All-in-One Solution to Tangled Earbud Wires

Skybuds promise an end to knotted cords.

A Portable Cabinet of Curiosities

The Mini Museum is a handheld collection of 26 specimens “from Earth and beyond.”

Ask CityLab: Why Won't Subway Doors Reopen When I Try to Squeeze Through?

Stand clear of the closing doors, please.

For $5, This Startup Will Cancel Comcast For You

AirPaper to the rescue.

How Much Does Your Neighbor Earn?

A new app gathers data you’re too polite to ask about.