Zach Mortice

Zach Mortice is a Chicago-based design journalist who focuses on landscape architecture and architecture.

The Story of the Great Lakes in 8 Maps

The book Third Coast Atlas seeks to illuminate the Great Lakes—America’s “third coast”—through maps, plans, photos, and more.

Experimental City: The Sci-Fi Utopia That Never Was

With solar energy, recycling, computers, and personal mass transit, the 1960s-era Minnesota Experimental City was a prescient and hopeful vision of the urban future. A new documentary tells its story.

Architecture Beyond the A-List

Three exhibits showcase Chicago’s architectural and cultural riches outside of downtown.

From Filth to Fun: Big Designs for the Chicago River

Invited to dream up the future of the Chicago Riverwalk, designers imagine everything from lush wetlands to a filtered “swimming bowl.”

Is Beige the New Black in Architecture?

The Chicago Architecture Biennial, the biggest architecture festival in the country, reveals up-and-coming designers turning to the mundanities of everyday life for inspiration.

What Facebook Can Learn From Company Towns

As the technology firm plans to build a village in Silicon Valley, history suggests what can sustain a company town long after its founders are gone.

Here Comes Chicago's Architecture Bonanza

Opening this fall, the second edition of North America’s biggest architecture event will focus on design history and the power of the image.

Why This Teaching Hospital Only Has Fake Patients

A Chicago community college has invested in new architecture and high-tech simulations to prepare its students for jobs in health care.

Could Freight Hubs Become Eco-Villages?

A landscape architect proposes exurban shipping districts you’d actually want to visit (or live in).

Is This the Suburban House 2.0?

Australian architects make an intriguing discovery when they peel back the layers of a McMansion.

How a Defensive Moat Became a Top Tourist Attraction

The new Waterline Museum near Utrecht reveals another side to the Netherlands’ mastery of waterways and coastlines.

Why Don't All Schools Look Like This One?

When it opened 75 years ago, Crow Island School revolutionized school design. It’s had many imitators since, but few can match its vision for experiential, child-centered learning.