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What Was Lost in the Fires of the L.A. Riots

In a new documentary, previously unseen footage collected by the Los Angeles Police Department reveals how the narrative of the riots has changed in 25 years.

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How to Disappear

Is it possible to move through a smart city undetected?

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Five Big Questions About Trump's First 100 Days on Criminal Justice Reforms

There are many known unknowns about what Trump and Sessions are planning for their law-and-order agenda. Here’s what it all adds up to.

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Sidewalks Full of Handmade Monuments to Buenos Aires's Disappeared

Grassroots organizations help families make “memory tiles,” recollections of the thousands who vanished under the last Argentinian dictatorship.

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Focusing on the Hidden Horror of American Lynchings

A British photojournalist is training his camera on the sites of the South’s ugliest open secret.

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Fighting Gun Violence By Treating It Like a Disease

As murder rates rise in Detroit, doctors at a local hospital are working to keep shooting victims from ending up back in the ER.


The War on Immigrants Just Escalated

But the "new era" of draconian enforcement that Jeff Sessions just announced is based on faulty assumptions about criminality and immigration.

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Taser Aims to Bring Free Body Cams to U.S. Police

The stun-gun makers are offering body cameras and data storage for one year to departments nationwide. But before police departments jump at the offer, they should be mindful of the hidden costs of acquiring new technology.

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What Jeff Sessions Can and Can't Do About Police Consent Decrees

The Attorney General is trying to erase Obama-era police reform. Can he do that?

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Detroit Coney Pizza Is the Worst

Just stop.

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We Will Pay High School Students To Go To School. And We Will Like It.

To solve high school truancy, don’t suspend kids; compensate them.  

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Virginia Beach: Still Hating on Anything That's Not a Car

Last year, city officials told transit-loving Millennials to hit the road. Now police are reinforcing a bike ban in a downtown district.

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Renewing the War on Drugs

What looks like a “split personality” in drug policy is really just the Trump administration’s racialized approach to enforcement.

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Jeff Sessions Just Picked a Fight With COPS

The Attorney General’s threat to “claw back” federal funds from sanctuary cities would imperil the grants program that local police have been clamoring for.

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Letting Ex-Felons Vote Doesn't Matter (Except When It Does)

Conservatives often complain that restoring former felons’ voting rights swings elections for Democrats.

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Do You Really Need to Lock Your Car?

Most people do. But the Bay Area’s automotive smash-and-grab scene is so intense that some drivers leave their doors open to avoid the expense of replacing broken windows.

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London Has Not Fallen

In the wake of another terrorist attack on a major capital city, the citizens of London have chosen to shrug and carry on. You should, too.


Street Harassment Is a Public Health Problem

Women who have been harassed may feel less trust in their community, with potential long-term impacts on mental health and well-being.


The Mean Tweets of New York

Tracking gang conflicts on social media is controversial, but it can help community members and law enforcement get ahead of shootings—without arrest and incarceration.