Police Aren't Getting Better at Solving Murders

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San Francisco's New Bike Racks Are Self-Aware

They make security cameras take your picture and cry for help if somebody is stealing your bike.

London's Summer of Discontent

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The Rise of Rural Incarceration

Local jails in smaller counties are seeing enormous growth. A new report explains why.

The Case For Hiring Ex-Offenders

New research shows how keeping people with criminal records out of the workforce costs us.

The Shadow Banks of the Barrio

For many Latino immigrants in New York City, an informal network of unregulated loan operators serve as the lenders of last resort. But borrowers soon find themselves buried in seemingly endless debt and haunted by intimidation tactics.

Two NYPD officers behind police tape.

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Why New Orleans Leads the U.S. in Wrongful Convictions

Louisiana just passed a suite of prison reform bills, but incarceration will remain a problem so long as district attorneys keep wrongfully locking people up.

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Americans Must Demand Better Access to Prisons

Unspeakable abuse of men and women has been allowed to happen behind prison walls. That will only change if the public is allowed to know what’s going on.

Why Boston Is Paying Ex-Gang Members To Go To College

The deal: $400 a week to stay in school. Is it worth it?

A Better Way to Confront MS-13

Fear of deportation in immigrant communities will make fighting transnational gangs harder, according to police leaders.