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Remember: Public-Private Partnerships Aren't Free

Roads, bridges, and trains jump-started by investor dollars always come looking for public ones, eventually.

Marnix Hamelberg/Cartoma

The Weird Geography of Population Density

What if people were mapped like mountains?

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How to Make Urban Highways Vanish

Thanks to this free open-source mapping tool, you can digitally demolish your city’s loathed urban expressways and reveal what lies beneath.

Mike Ford

The Future of 'Hip-Hop Architecture'

Michael Ford explains how he’s building a movement to reclaim urban design from the failures of the 1970s.

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The Problem With Beautifying a Border Wall

Donald Trump’s wall is meant to divide the U.S. and Mexico. Sustainable, pretty, and subversive designs won’t remedy that.

Utopia Arkitekter

An 'Indoor Park' to Battle Stockholm's Brutal Winters

These giant glass eggs would bring warmth, greenery, and a place to hang out when other public spaces are dark, cold, and empty.

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President Trump's Border Wall Won't Be a Wall

The latest twist in the Homeland Security solicitation for a border wall: It doesn’t need to be a wall.


London's First Mies Van Der Rohe Building Is Only Five Feet Tall

The model is part of a new exhibition posing questions about building afresh in historic settings.


Building an Island to Power Northern Europe

The continent needs to take huge strides to meet its future energy needs. A brand new island for wind power might do the trick.

Brad Evans/Denver FUGLY

Denver Battles With Its 'Fugly' New Housing

In the midst of its “Green Rush,” locals are increasingly frustrated with the architecture behind so many recent developments.


The Problem With 'Kong'

The latest big gorilla romp is full of spectacle and explosions, but it’s missing something very important.

Hirsuta/Arch Out Loud

The 'House of the Future' Is a Shiny Rotating Blob

The off-the-grid solar home would imperceptibly spin on its central axis, providing fresh views with each season.

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A Theory on Why Dhaka Has the Best Spot on Earth for a City

Geographically speaking, the Bangladeshi city has all the right criteria to be the "central point of human civilization."

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The Firm That Built the Border Fence Isn't Interested in the Border Wall

At least not yet.

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Here’s the Crosswalk Voice Remix Track You’ve Been Craving

“Wait” is possibly the catchiest song ever performed by a talking pedestrian traffic signal.

Atlas of Another America: An Architectural Fiction / ...

What If McMansions Ruled the World?

In the new book Atlas of Another America, architect Keith Krumwiede mixes satire, sci-fi, and the sublime in his plans for utopian villages built out of suburban mega-homes.

David Seater

Seattle Makes a Pac-Man Pop-Up Park

Retro arcade fans can while away the hours outdoors evading ghosts and gobbling pellets.

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Here's What Global Building Companies Say About Designing Trump's Wall

So far, few of the firms that have expressed interest in the border wall project have the resources to pull it off.

CDU Steglitz-Zehlendorf/Staubach+Kuckertz Architekten

Berlin Plans a New Network of Bike Superhighways

Can Germany’s capital become the next great bike-friendly city?