The Rivers of the U.S., Collected Into a Nifty Subway Map

A designer who spent his youth floating on rafts has conjured up a delightful transit guide to America’s waterways.

What's Inside a Neighborhood in a Box?

On the outskirts of New York City, a new housing model aimed at Millennials asks: What is city living?

What Facebook Can Learn From Company Towns

As the technology firm plans to build a village in Silicon Valley, history suggests what can sustain a company town long after its founders are gone.

Three photographs of different architectural styles in downtown Toronto

Updating Toronto's Architecture Bible

An interview with Alex Bozikovic, architecture critic and co-author of a guide to the city’s expansive building stock.

An illuminated statue of E. coli in a park in lower Manhattan

New York City Salutes a Fecal Microbe That Sickens Millions

What better place for a giant statue of E. coli?

The Salk Institute, near San Diego

This Is Your Brain on Architecture

In her new book, Sarah Williams Goldhagen presents scientific evidence for why some buildings delight us and others—too many of them—disappoint.

Columbia Town Center

Lab Report: The Suburban Experiment That Worked

A morning roundup of the day’s news

Dancing sunlight patterns reflected onto an interior ceiling from a wind-disturbed external water surface.

Sustainable Design Should Mimic the Outdoors

Here’s how to close the gap between interior spaces and the outside world.

Cross-section of a building showing a rendering of the elevator traveling sideways

Can This Elevator Help Designers Sidestep Tall-Building Problems?

Thyssenkrupp’s design travels horizontally and diagonally, in addition to up and down, freeing up square footage that would otherwise be commandeered for a shaft. But is it a whole new mode of transit?

Where the Dogs Are in New York

One former dog-walker has set out to map the city’s varying degrees of doggy density.

The main hall of the new Arnhem Station in the Netherlands

Planning the Transit Hubs of the Future

How do you future-proof railway stations, metro hubs, and bus terminals? Urban planner Caroline Bos has a few pointers.

A Modernist's Guide to Society Hill

At the time of its redevelopment, contemporary design was believed to bring out the best of this historic Philadelphia neighborhood. It’s aged quite well.

The Albright-Knox Art Gallery

A Modernist Masterpiece, Under Fire in Buffalo

Gordon Bunshaft was a singular force behind Modernist architecture in America. Now his greatest gift to his hometown may be at risk.

Why Is the Alt-Right So Angry About Architecture?

Conservatives have long opposed Modernism, but in the video age, avant-garde buildings can become potent symbols in the hands of groups like Infowars and the NRA.

Here Comes Chicago's Architecture Bonanza

Opening this fall, the second edition of North America’s biggest architecture event will focus on design history and the power of the image.

Smarter Design for Skid Row

Providing decent shelter for people experiencing homelessness is both a political and practical challenge.

Vienna Makes Peace With Its Trash

The famously clean Austrian city boasts one of the world’s most innovative waste processing systems.

The Military Declares War on Sprawl

The Pentagon thinks better designed, more walkable bases can help curb obesity and improve troops’ fitness.

Seeking the City of the Future, in Prague

Landscape architect and reSITE founder Martin Barry talks about how the decisions of the past can haunt the city makers of today.

San Francisco's New Bike Racks Are Self-Aware

They make security cameras take your picture and cry for help if somebody is stealing your bike.

A screwdriver, Rubik's cube, and chain.

Bus Shelters Are Less Boring When Equipped With a Rubik's Cube

Here’s a DIY guide to livening up your bus stop with the world’s most-beloved puzzle.