Jessy Lanza singing in front of the George Robinson Bandshell in Hamilton, Ontario.

Groove Out to the Modest Charms of Hamilton, Ontario

Jessy Lanza’s music videos embrace the genericness of her Rust Belt hometown.

Octopuses Are Urbanists, Too

Scientists were surprised to find that this smart and solitary species had built a cephalopod city. Why?

A Wary South Side Eyes Obama's Return

The Obama Presidential Center is poised to transform Chicago’s Jackson Park, as well as its surrounding neighborhoods. But residents want a binding community benefits agreement

How Park(ing) Day Went Global

One tiny DIY parklet became a model for reclaiming streets around the world.

MTA bus driver patches.

An Encyclopedia of New York City Transit Design

Tickets, patches, maps, and timetables: a new book presents 150 years of Helvetica-heavy subway artifacts.  

Attendees at a new product announcement event at Apple's campus in Cupertino, California.

What Silicon Valley Doesn't Get About People

Poor planning didn’t just aggravate the area’s housing problem: It helped create the Valley’s growing empathy gap.

A prospective buyer looks at a rendering of a new apartment complex in Seoul in 2005.

Why Koreans Shun the Suburbs

In cities around the world, harried urbanites look to the suburbs for more space or a nicer house for their money. But in South Korea, the city apartment is still the dream.

Montreal's Expo 67 Lives On (In Music Video Form)

Thanks to some tricky editing, the Canadian dream pop band Alvvays gets a gig at the legendary World’s Fair

An overhead shot of a 3-D model of part of Kuwait

How a South African Artist Blends Art and Urbanization

In her latest project, Svea Josephy uses blueprints to explore a city’s spaces.

An Architecture Firm for Everyone

Eric Bunge of nARCHITECTS on how to make modular homes, waterfronts, and medical campuses work for today’s cities.

The Architecture of Utopia

A next-generation mountain town in Utah is following the long American tradition of turning to design to change the world.

Moshe Safdie speaking outside in Jerusalem.

When a Young Moshe Safdie Took On the Old City

In a 1973 documentary, the then-35-year-old architect muses over how to build in Jerusalem without sacrificing its heritage.

Allegheny Center in 1974.

Renewing Renewal in Pittsburgh

Neither catastrophic nor beloved, the post-war regeneration of Allegheny Center has quietly gone stale in recent years. Today, it’s getting a much needed facelift.

Mapping the Ebb and Flow of Transit Around the World

Who knew transit timetables could be so zen?

5 Places America Should Have Saved

Architecture professors chime in on the best buildings and parks lost to the wrecking ball.

Washington Is Scribbling Superb Traffic Maps With Microsoft Paint

The state transportation department is “full of real, genuine people,” says its spokeswoman, who just happen to be “not that great at art.”

An aerial shot of a flooded neighborhooda

The U.S. Should Go Dutch to Avoid Building Another Houston

To minimize the likelihood of its cities flooding, America could take a few tips from Holland.

The Local Fight to Demilitarize the Police

How cities, counties, and local governments can stop their streets from becoming battlegrounds.

Lab Report: Will Harvey Force Houston to Rethink Development?

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

Construction at Orange County Government Center.

An Architectural Rescue Gone Wrong

A Brutalist complex meant to represent progressive government through ambitious design is no longer. What happened to Paul Rudolph’s Orange County Government Center?

A Small Town's Adventures in Tactical Urbanism

A weekend-long experiment in Barberton, Ohio, showed residents how they can benefit from human-centered urban design.