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How NYC Fast Food Chains Are Doing Since the Recession

Which chains are expanding, and which have the most stores?


American companies may be struggling to turn their bottom lines around, but the top fast food chains are hanging in there, at least in densely populated New York City. A new study from the Center for an Urban Future released this week showed that none of the top six NYC fast food chains has shuttered a significant number of stores since 2008. Though when it comes to "grow or die" chain stores, that may not be enough:

Dunkin Donuts continues to have a strong presence in all five boroughs. However, for the first time in the four years of our ranking, the number of Dunkin Donuts locations in the city did not grow. It remained the same from last year, at 466. Subway again ranked second on our list, but closed the gap between it and Dunkin Donuts by adding 41 new stores, an increase of 10.5 percent over last year. Although it added fewer stores this year than last, Starbucks also exhibited growth with 263 stores this year, an increase of three percent.

Better watch out, Dunkin! Subway is nipping at your heels to be the new #1.

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