Photos from Moreland Avenue and other news

Today's postcard was shot by photographer Daniel A. Echevarria. As he explains it, the image is part of a larger effort to "photograph areas of the city during a time of changing social and community dynamics." This photo was taken on Moreland Avenue.

Echevarria is the co-founder and co-editor of One, One Thousand | A Publication of Southern Photography, which features free contemporary photography created in the Southeastern United States. See more of his images of Atlanta here and here.

 In other news:

  • Delta faces new competition from Southwest, which will begin flying out of the city's airport.
  • Occupy Atlanta will take up a fight against BB&T Corporation, which wants to take over a church and community center.
  • One of Atlanta's best art museums contributed works to the Louvre for a new show on American landscape painting.

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