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Postcard From Cedar Key

Meet Florida's water women

Today's photo, taken by Christian Harkness, captures the "water women" of Cedar Key, a Gulf Island community off the coast of north Florida. In his words:

I live and photograph in the small - north Florida - Gulf island community of Cedar Key, a city with about 800 residents. Traditionally commercial fishing and oystering had played a large part in island life. When in 1994 the Florida net ban outlawed the traditional fishing methods, many of the displaced fishermen turned to clam farming, techniques for which were just being developed.

This photo shows April Beckham, a Cedar Key native, getting ready to stretch a belt of clam bags, loaded with baby clams, on the bottom of her lease located in the Gulf waters off Cedar Key.

Read more about the "water women" in Garden and Gun magazine, and see more photos here.

A couple of other news tidbits from the town:

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About the Author

  • Amanda Erickson is a former senior associate editor at CityLab.