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Website of the Day: Melbourne Metro

The sleek design and usability are a transit-lover's dream

It's not often we use 'public sector' and 'attractive and usable website' in one sentence. But that's the best way to describe Melbourne's metropolitan rail service. 

A user can immediately check the status of any station, identifying by color whether or not service is normal. Just a hover of the mouse over the information icon, and you can identify the unplanned interruption and the times it will impact service. You can also click on "planned disruptions" underneath and see a list of current or upcoming closures. 

On the left-hand site, users can check on the delivery and punctuality rates - something that many transit authorities would not want to give such prominence to on their site. A menu at the top and easily navigable toolbar at the bottom can direct users to less urgent information as well.

The remarkably fresh design is also worth noting. Stemming from the fresh, progressive logo for Metro, the visual identity is carried out perfectly. The multiple shades of blue help create a visual hierarchy for all the information.

We can't speak for the quality of the stations or rail cars but with a website like this, It'd be hard to imagine anything less than great.

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