Florian Rivière

Urban hacker Florian Rivière makes the streets of France his playground with movable crosswalks, pigeon traps and a shopping-cart soccer field.

This is not good news for drivers who think they own the road.

French artist Florian Rivière has created a crosswalk that rolls up into a tube, allowing pedestrians to quickly lay walking bridges over busy streets. The crosswalk is made from carpet and acrylic paint and sells for 10 EUR. Rivière has already found a couple of buyers for his perambulator-empowering invention, according to Pop Up City, although they might ask for their money back after crashing through the windshield of a speeding car, as these guerrilla crossings don't do anything to change a city's right-of-way laws.

Rivière is linked to the Démocratie Créative, an art collective in the Alsatian capital of Strasbourg that's devoted to reshaping the urban environment in a more fun (or just funny) way. Here are a few of the interventions he's been involved with over the past years.

Want to suck down a brew but didn't bring your bottle opener? No worries; just use this rebranded parking meter to pop the top:

Care for a game of Parky? It's like soccer but with asphalt instead of turf, shopping carts instead of nets and bloody, gravel-pocked road rash instead of grass stains:

Or maybe you're more of a Trashball guy:

Homeless people take note of this clever design to trap fat pigeons:

And fans of leisure time should be sure to build this handy device to make park benches more relaxing:

All images courtesy of the artist. Find more on his website.

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