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Photos of London's Olympic Prep

The city primps for its big day.


Just 75 days from now, the 2012 Summer Olympics torch relay will begin its two-month journey from Land's End, the westernmost tip of mainland England, to London's new Olympic Stadium. The opening ceremony on July 27 will mark the end of a nearly decade-long process, beginning with London's 2003 bid to host the 2012 games.

Olympics 2012 bug
London gets ready for the Summer Games See full coverage

Since the city's selection, officials and businesses have been constructing new venues and upgrading old ones, conducting security drills, organizing volunteers, and hosting test events to make sure all systems are running properly. Locals have been preparing as well - making themselves ready for a massive influx of competitors and tourists. By one estimate, one-in-three Londoners are considering packing their bags and moving in with family and friends or heading abroad for the duration.

Here's a look at the city's preparations:

See more images of London's preparations over at the Atlantic's In Focus blog.

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