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The Secret Geometric Treasures Hidden Around Los Angeles

Designer Paige Smith fills the city's drainage holes with glittering geological matter.

“I enjoy the fact that many people will not notice these,” says Paige Smith, the graphic designer behind “Geode,” a street art project that’s infilling LA’s drainage holes and missing bricks with glittering geological matter. So far, Smith has crafted and installed nine pieces throughout Los Angeles, representing “geodes, crystal, or quartz.” The pieces are actually made from paper and glue, coated with iridescent paint. People have still stolen them, says Smith, though a surprising number of the pieces still exist.

Though Smith (aka A Common Name) conceives of the Geodes as “hidden treasures,” she’s gone out of her way to help people find them. Check out her site for a Google Map of all the pieces, and if you’re in LA, engage in a little urban spelunking.

All photos courtesy of the artist. This post originally appeared on Architizer, an Atlantic partner site.

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