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An Ice Cream Truck for Architecture Dorks

The Coolhaus truck serves up scoops with a modernist twist.

Coolhaus has been churning out building-sized ice cream sandwiches in Los Angeles, New York, Austin and Miami for some time now, and we couldn’t resist when we found out they were parked a mere five blocks away from the Architizer HQ. As described on the website, Coolhaus is a triple entendre, a play on Bauhaus, Koolhaas, and the oddly architectural make-up of an ice cream sandwich, described as “a cookie roof and floor slab with ice cream walls.”

With camera in tow, we fought through the lunch hour crowds in Midtown to get our hands on one of these tasty prefab confections. Our “cool house” of choice? A hulking one-story scoop of I.M. Pei-nut Butter thrown between slabs of chocolate-chocolate chip cookie. Needless to say, we always knew we had good taste.

This post originally appeared on Architizer, an Atlantic partner site.

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