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Probably Offensive Street Art of the Day: Fatties, Step to the Right

A direct, if rude, way to attack America's obesity epidemic.

Wooster Collective

Here's a direct, if rude, way to attack America's obesity epidemic.

Somebody has affixed decals, or laid down stencils, of two possible routes to the surface for two possible body shapes. However, I would argue they got it backwards: Shouldn't the overweight be encouraged to take the stairs? Unless the artist is trying to shame people, in which case the alignment makes sense.

Assuming this minimalistic street art is in New York City (it was originally posted by SoHo's Wooster Collective), there's something annoying about it. You can just bet a Pratt student is smirking to his buds right now about how he showed those obese folks. What about people with health issues, who can't help being plus-sized? Shouldn't we live in a weight-blind society, where ectomorphs and endomorphs are encouraged to share public modes of upward progression? Or is this not even a commentary on fat people but on escalators themselves, some of which are ridiculously unnecessary?

Then again, in a city whose underground street scribblings can be weirdly focused on genitalia (NSFW) this piece is a breath of fresh air. You get off the hook this time, anonymous social critic.

About the Author

  • John Metcalfe
    John Metcalfe is CityLab’s Bay Area bureau chief, based in Oakland. His coverage focuses on climate change and the science of cities.