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Contest of the Day: Design L.A.'s Official Condom Wrapper

A city branding effort people might actually care about.


Cities have a lot of official stuff that nobody really knows or cares about – an official seal, an official flag, an official motto. But one emerging official city item is something the general public is likely to appreciate: the official city condom.

New York City has one, and soon Los Angeles will as well. In recognition of its importance to the general public, L.A.'s new official prophylactic packaging will be designed by and for the people.

The L.A. County Department of Health and ONE Condoms are challenging residents to design the packaging of the official L.A. condom, which will be distributed throughout the county. The cheekily-named contest – "Show Us Your Package" – is accepting submissions through June 17. A panel of judges will be selecting finalists in late June and the winning 10 designs will be announced June 27.

Some gems have already been submitted. This design features a teeth-baring wolf with the warning "No Glove? No Love!" And in a somewhat disturbing take, this design shows a pair of hands holding the city's skyline, which is encased Bucky Fuller-style in a condom. There's also the straightforward simplicity of "YAY SEX". But the most L.A.-centric design may be this guaranteed crowd-pleaser entitled "Wrap Your Meat" featuring the city's favorite late-night post-bar food, the bacon-wrapped hot dog.

The public can rate for their favorites now, and will be able to vote on the panel-selected top 50 to name the 10 winners of the contest. About a million condoms will be packaged in the winning designs and distributed throughout the county for free. 

About the Author

  • Nate Berg is a freelance reporter and a former staff writer for CityLab. He lives in Los Angeles.