A fake musical of David Simon's Baltimore saga has surfaced, featuring actual actors from the show.

Look out – Omar singin'!

This spoof musical of The Wire answers the question of what the cast has been up to since the show ended in 2008. They've been learning how to sing and dance, apparently. Michael K. Williams in particular has built up a chest full of fierce moves, which he puts on display at the beginning of this bizarro version of David Simon's Baltimore masterpiece. Also making appearances are Sonja Sohn (who played Det. Kima Greggs), Larry Gillard Jr. (D'Angelo Barksdale), Andre Royo (Bubbles!) and Felicia "Snoop" Pearson.

The Wire: The Musical offers Broadway fans the chance to "experience America's failing drug war through the magic of song," according to its creators over at Funny Or Die. Idris Elba wasn't around to lend his smooth bass as Stringer Bell, but the producers found a suitable, albeit rounder, replacement. Notorious cranky man Simon has offered rare praise for the project, writing, "Someone hand me a burner and Sondheim’s number."

It's a lovely production, although I do have to say they missed an opportunity to give Clay Davis a song. Sheeeeyet.

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