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Apartment Garden of the Day: Hanging Out the Window

It's a garden, it's a blind, it's something we should have thought of years ago.


There is hope for urban gardeners everywhere. Paris-based designers Nicolas Barreau and Jules Charbonnet (Barreau&Charbonnet) were recently selected as finalists at the Jardins Jardin competition at Paris' Tuileries Gardens.

Their winning design allows you to hang window boxes outside your window. They call it the Volet Végétal -- the Organic Shutters.

In its upright position, the V.V. functions as a living venetian blind, filtering light through your zinnia flowers and basil leaves. When lowered like a drawbridge, it extends three window boxes into the air beyond, bringing your garden to the sunlight and leaving your window open to the breeze. Behold the V.V. in action:

According to the Barreau&Charbonnet website, we can look forward to commercial production soon.

All images courtesy of Barreau&Chabonnet.

H/T Core77.

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