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Percent of the Day: 2 out of 3 New Yorkers Now Support More Bike Lanes

Citizens are considerably more friendly to bike lanes now than they were last year.

James D. Schwartz/Flickr

The debate over bike lanes in New York has been so high-strung that in a cover story  last year in New York magazine, Matthew Schaer quoted people comparing the issue to both Bush v. Gore and the September 11th attacks. Now, as the bike share program stalls and Bloomberg prepares for his final year in office (this time for real), bike advocates are bracing for a new administration less supportive of their objectives. Meanwhile, the New York Daily News continues to slam bikeshare, bike lanes, and bikers in their editorial pages, infuriating advocacy groups and bike-friendly media outlets.

Amidst all this, there is good news: according to a New York Times poll, a whopping 66 percent of New Yorkers are in favor of bike lanes. That's up from the 54 percent support reported last March in a Quinnipiac poll. In the Times poll, support for bike lanes was highest in Manhattan.

No word on whether Republicans are still against bike lanes - last year they opposed city bike lanes 59 - 35, according to Quinnipiac, while Democrats were 59 - 35 in favor.

Top image: Flickr user James D. Schwartz.

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