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Intimate Scenes on the Streets of Quito

The capital of Ecuador has one of the best-preserved city centers in Latin America.


Ecuador's capital is old, and it looks it. Founded in the 16th century, ruins of the inca city still stand. Much of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage site. According to UNESCO:

Despite the 1917 earthquake, the city has the best-preserved, least altered historic centre in Latin America. The monasteries of San Francisco and Santo Domingo, and the Church and Jesuit College of La Compañía, with their rich interiors, are pure examples of the 'Baroque school of Quito', which is a fusion of Spanish, Italian, Moorish, Flemish and indigenous art.

It's not a major destination, but Quito is trying to change that, launching an aggressive tourism push. Below, scenes from the city.

A view shows La Ronda street in downtown Quito. Peppered with parks and crafts markets, Quito's status as a UNESCO world heritage site and its sweeping Andean panoramas have made this highland city an up-and-coming tourist destination. The main attractions of Quito, which caters for all tastes, are its colonial center, magnificent churches, cobblestone streets and quaint squares. (Guillermo Granja/Reuters)
A view shows Restaurant Vista Hermosa in downtown Quito. (Guillermo Granja/Reuters)
La Ronda street in downtown Quito. (Guillermo Granja/Reuters)
A handicraft store is pictured at La Ronda street in downtown Quito. (/Guillermo Granja/Reuters)

About the Author

  • Amanda Erickson is a former senior associate editor at CityLab.