It would make great wrapping for this package I need to mail.

Here are things I would probably do with this $290 paper bag from Manhattan's Jil Sander fashion house, if I didn't know about the price:

Take it to Trader Joe's to buy milk and steak;

Use it to hold the rootballs of houseplants I'm repotting;

Cut it apart to wrap a package in;

Container for cans, bottle and other half-cleaned recyclables;

Punch eye holes in it to make a hilarious witness-protection mask (hey, Halloween's coming);

Pulp it, add wallpaper paste and build a paper-mache pinata;

Cat bag.

But sadly, I cannot do any of these things, because of course the minimalist men's accessory is already sold out. Darn!

(Image courtesy of LN-CC.)

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