About 70 buildings will be illuminated during the 10-day festival.

Every year, Berlin alights its most famous monuments in pinks, blues, even stripes. During the festival, which runs from Oct. 10, until Oct. 21, 2012, about 70 buildings will be illuminated. Take a sneak peek below:

The Siegessaeule (victory column) is illuminated during a technical check for the Festival of Lights in Berlin. (Fabrizio Bensch/Reuters)

Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin. Photo credit: BerlinPictures /Shutterstock

Buildings at Gendarmenmarkt illuminated during the opening day of the Festival of Lights in Berlin. (Tobias Schwarz/Reuters)

Berliner Dom cathedral and television tower are illuminated during opening day of Festival of Lights in Berlin. (Tobias Schwarz/Reuters)

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