The $8,830 tipple is apparently the world's oldest cocktail, too.

If you want to taste the "world's most expensive cocktail," might as well order four: You're not going to want to remember what you paid for it the next day.

Supreme booze-wizard Salvatore Calabrese whisked the tongue-stroking, wallet-killing concoction together last week using ingredients totaling around $8,830. Anything less would've been like drinking cat pee, I guess, for the "world’s leading cocktail expert," the honorific chosen for Salvatore by his employer, London's exclusive Playboy Club. The mixmaster used a modified recipe after a slight booboo nixed one of his chosen liquors – a customer allegedly dropped $77,480 bottle of cognac, whose 234-year-old glass did not survive the fall.

Because you're going to want to replicate this tonight, the ingredients are as follows: 40 mL of 1788 Clos de Griffier Champagne Cognac, 20 mL of 1770 Kümmel herbal liqueur, 20 mL of 1860 Dubb orange curacao and two dashes of Angostura Bitters, a combination that involves a collective 730 years. Blend with perfect cubes of ice, imbibe, and then break the glass over the head of your eldest child, because that kid's no longer going to college.

Here's footage of the "Salvatore's Legacy" being made by the man himself:

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