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The Geography of James Bond: Skyfall Edition

An updated map to reflect the newest film.

Columbia Pictures

Everyone's favorite secret agent returns to theaters today, and in celebration, we've updated our Map of Bond -- or as one commenter accurately pointed out, the urban Map of Bond. (Here's the first installment, where the geographical breakdown is analyzed.)

As always, there are exotic locales in play. Our sources tells us Skyfall returns 007 to Istanbul, putting the city on the Bosphorus into a second-place tie for Number One Bond City. It also featured in the 1963 classic From Russia With Love and in the climactic nuclear submarine scene of The World Is Not Enough, and joins Hong Kong and Venice in the three-peat. (London, of course, has featured in all Bond films but two, and Skyfall continues the capital's run.)

Bond also returns to Macau, the Hong Kong-area gambling mecca that's home to the world's largest casino. His last visit there was in 1974's The Man with the Golden Gun, when Roger Moore was hunting for the provenance of a golden bullet.

Daniel Craig's Bond also makes his first trip to Shanghai, a city that has more than doubled in size since the franchise began in the early '60s. Sources says we can also look forward to a pastoral interlude in the Scottish countryside.

It's a middling day for the Map of Bond, as the film contributes only one new city. If it's any consolation, Skyfall is supposed to be one of the best Bond films of all time.

Here's the key (visit the larger version for an alphabetical list of films):

Sean Connery, 1962-1971

Roger Moore, 1973-1985

Timothy Dalton, 1987-1989

Pierce Brosnan, 1995-2002

Daniel Craig, 2006-present

Bond hotspot--multiple films.

(George Lazenby, who played Agent 007 in one film, On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969), was a bucolic Bond, making only a brief stop in Bern, Switzerland.)

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