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A Hotel Room That Comes to You

An idea for a website that uses social media to bring portable, comfy hotel rooms to itinerant travelers the world over.

Ian Springford Architects

Picture this scene: You’re planning an exciting beach vacation with some friends, but you can’t seem to find any sleeping accommodations nearby. You can either a) have everyone bring their own tents and sleeping bags; or b) order individual modular hotel rooms to be delivered on site. Too good to be true? Well, UK-based Ian Springford Architects has proposed, a website that uses social media and crowdsourcing to bring portable, comfy hotel rooms to itinerant travelers all over the world.

Here’s how the MyPlace works. A principal guest proposes a date and location through the website, at which point other guests can join in the party. Once occupancy is filled, MyPlace will assemble the “hotel” at the agreed location in time for the guests’ arrival. The colorful, prefabricated pod-rooms can be stacked or maneuvered to each boarder’s liking. For particularly social parties, the space between the stacked pods can be used as a common area. is one of 12 shortlisted entries for the Building Design’s Small Hotel competition. The winning design will be announced November 22.

Images: courtesy of Ian Springford Architects

This post originally appeared on Architizer.

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