The perfect place to escape from the everyday.

Children of designers really have it made. From whimsical tree houses to dinner tables that actually encourage horseplay, these kids get the newest and coolest in architecture and design before the rest of us! The two-year-old son of designers Liu Yang and Xu Dan is especially lucky.

For his birthday this year, the design duo created a traveling, cave-like sponge box for the little tike to play in called "Eyes Closed." While the 80-square-meter cube may look like a spiky black cavern, it is actually made of a soft, spongey material perfect for crawling in and relaxing.

Adults love this traveling box as well. Two holes have been ripped out so more than one person can crawl inside their own little section. While the space seems small and dark, perfect for a cozy read or even a nap, it also features a watermelon-sized hole cut out of the ceiling to create a warm skylight. The material is also soundproof, making this portable cave the perfect place to escape from the everyday.

This post originally appeared on Architizer, an Atlantic partner site.

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