Alex Brewer

In Washington, D.C., an abandoned church is transformed into an art installation.

Atlanta-based artist Alex “Hense” Brewer was commissioned last year to convert an abandoned church into a vibrant, eye-catching work of art. Located at 700 Delaware Ave. in Southwest D.C., the building, formerly the Friendship Baptist Church and presently an historic site, now stands as a colorful and playful street mural that seeks to transform the neighborhood into a hub for D.C. artists. Hense hoped to take something neglected and deteriorating and re-purpose it into a positive beacon for the community.

And it seems to be working. Already, the abandoned lot across the street has been purchased by an investor who plans to build an art museum. With its bright colors, quirky patterns, and lavish use of paint, the work anticipates Southwest D.C. becoming a new mecca for local artists.


Learn more about Hense and his art by clicking here

[Photos via Designboom]

This post originally appeared on Architizer, an Atlantic partner site.

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