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Cultural Export of the Day: Stockholm Drinks the Brooklynade

Tres Brooklyn is so 2012.


Time was, Europeans seeking a better life sailed to America and ended up in Brooklyn. Now they've brought Brooklyn back with them.

Just as the Chinese want to live like Europeans, it seems, Europeans are aspiring to be Brooklynites. We already know about tres Brooklyn in Paris. Alice Hines writes that "Sa Brooklyn" is even bigger in Stockholm, where Brooklyn Brewery is opening its first international bottling plant.

The Swedish branding expert Henrik Evrell tells her that Swedes have been hot on BK for a few years. They wear Brooklyn-stamped gear and drink Brooklyn-branded cocktails like the Park Slope Collins. Why would this be?

“The desire for authenticity and a back-to-the basics attitude caught on in Sweden in particular,” he says. “People started going fishing and making their own sausages. Many people associated these things with Brooklyn, which is an alternative to the luxury of Manhattan.” Banker chic is out out, farmer chic is in.

The Swedes may be giving the borough too much credit -- sausage Brooklyn has, but pregnant women and children are still advised to avoid city-caught fish. Because, you know, Brooklyn still has two of the country's most polluted waterways.

Via New York Magazine.

Top image: Flickr/Impicard.

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