Images from Pakistan, Spain and France, among others.

It's Holy Week, the lead-up to Easter celebrated by Christians. On Good Friday, many faiths celebrate with processions or reenactments of the crucifixion of Christ. Below, photos from celebrations around the world:

A Pakistani Christian woman raises her hands as she attends a Good Friday service at Saint Anthony Church in Lahore. (Mohsin Raza/Reuters)
Worshippers carry a cross in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre on Good Friday during Holy Week, in Jerusalem's Old City. Christian worshippers retraced the route Jesus took along Via Dolorosa to his crucifixion in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. (Nir Elias/Reuters)
A Pakistani Christian lays a garland on a large crucifix during Good Friday service at Marry am bay-daagh church in Lahore. (Mohsin Raza/Reuters)
A street artist draws three crosses to symbolize the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in the Basque town of Balmaseda on Good Friday. Holy Week is celebrated in many Christian traditions during the week before Easter. (Vincent West/Reuters)
Polish catholic devotees re-enact the "Way of the Cross" on Good Friday as part of Holy Week celebrations at the Kalwaria Wejherowska in Wejherowo near Gdansk, northern Poland. (Kacper Pempel/Reuters)

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