Artist Kurt Perschke is installing an enormous red ball in a different Parisian location every day through April 28.

The enormous red ball created by Kurt Perschke is quite the world traveler. The ball (accompanied by his artist/creator) has stopped off in New York, Abu Dhabi, Toronto, Scotsdale, Portland, and St. Louis, among other cities. Now it's in Paris.

On its urban visits, the ball is placed in a different space every day. The purpose, Perschke writes, is to encourage "new encounters within the everyday." As he explains the project on his website:

Through the magnetic, playful, and charismatic nature of the RedBall the work is able to access the imagination embedded in all of us ... As RedBall travels around the world people approach me on the street with excited suggestions about where to put it in their city. In that moment the person is not a spectator but a participant in the act of imagination 

Below, pictures of its latest jaunt in Paris.

A huge red ball is installed on the Grange aux Belles footbridge that crosses canal Saint-Martin as part of the RedBall Project by artist Kurt Perschke in Paris. (Charles Platiau/Reuters)

A huge red ball is installed on the Simone de Beauvoir's bridge. (Charles Platiau/Reuters)


Children play with a huge red ball which is installed outside the Hotel de Ville City Hall as part of the RedBall Project by artist Kurt Perschke in Paris April 19, 2013. (Charles Platiau/Reuters)


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