Filip Dujardin

Landscape-inspired highlights from last weekend's Paris Photo Los Angeles art fair.

Last weekend, the Paris Photo international art fair took its show to Los Angeles for the first time, occupying New York-inspired sets inside Paramount Pictures Studio from April 25 through 28.

Around 13,500 visitors viewed photo collections from 60 international galleries and 12 booksellers, with collections stretching from Filip Dujardin's ethereal and absurdist perspectives of small European cities to Fred Herzog's early color street shots of North America. Below, a sampling of the landscape-inspired works attendees saw at the event:

Filip Dujardin,

D'ville 004, 2012, Exhibitor : Highlight

Filip Dujardin,

Guimarães 008, 2012, Exhibitor : Highlight

Filip Dujardin, Guimarães 001, 2012, Exhibitor : Highlight
William Christenberry,

Gourd Tree, near Akron Alabama1979, Exhibitor : Feroz

Fred Herzog,

San Francisco, 1962, Exhibitor : Equinox

Fred Herzog,

Wild Animal, 1960, Exhibitor : Equinox

Fred Herzog,

Main Barber, 1968, Exhibitor : Equinox

Fred Herzog,

Foot of Main, 1968 Exhibitor : Equinox

Fred Herzog,

Mexico City with Chev, 1963, Exhibitor : Equinox

Alex Webb,

Tehuantepec, Mexico, 1985,  courtesy Etherton Gallery

Alex Webb,

San Ysidro, California, 1979, Fuji Crystal Archive, courtesy Etherton Gallery


The Wrinkles of the City, Los Angeles, Lovers on the roof, USA, 2012, Exhibitor : Perrotin

Hiroshi Sugimoto, Avalon Theatre, Catalina Island , 1993, courtesy Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco 

Pieter Hugo,

Al Hasan Abukari, Agbogbloshie Market, Accra, Ghana, 2009, Courtesy Yossi Milo Gallery, New York

Jory Hull, 

Flyover State, Untitled, 2012, Exhibitor : Feroz

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