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Hypnotizing Time-Lapse of the Day: A Kaleidoscope of Cities

Mirror City mashes up views of Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.

Michael Shainblum

What happens when you combine the sensory overload of a kaleidoscope with the narrative of urban time-lapses?

The answer is Mirror City, a mind-blowing video that renders the popular landscapes of Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles almost unrecognizable.

"The video starts off with simple mirrors and recognizable architecture, as the video progresses, so does the visual stimulation, showing the real abstraction of the piece," wrote photographer and filmmaker Michael Shainblum, who created  Mirror City in four months.

Mirror City amplifies the chaotic beauty of cities multi-fold. The result is at once surreal and believable. Might the faster, crazier cities of the future look and feel something like this?  

(h/t Colossal)

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