This mysterious temple is tightly secured, with cameras and a fingerprint lock.

A couple of weeks ago, we brought you photos of a mountain villa built atop an apartment building in Beijing.

Apparently, it's not the only one. In Shenzen, a 20-story apartment tower has hosted the mysterious temple for three years. No one's quite sure what kind of worship takes place inside, but one resident says burnt ashes from "offerings" fall from the structure frequently. Authorities haven't been able to identify the owner of the mysterious temple yet -- the property is tightly secured, with cameras and a fingerprint lock.

The apartment tower in Shenzen is mostly occupied by wealthy, private citizens and high-ranking government officials according to a Yangcheng Evening News report, with a penthouse unit in the tower worth $2.5 million. A local property agent told the publication that "the owner must have some good relationships."

After the Beijing villa garnered critical attention from the Chinese press, authorities promised to demolish it within 15 days. Residents of the Shenzen building are hoping for a similar outcome. Below, via Reuters, a look at Shenzen's mysterious, illegal rooftop temple:

(REUTERS/Tyrone Siu) 
(REUTERS/Tyrone Siu) 
(REUTERS/Tyrone Siu) 
Journalists film the privately-built illegal structure, August 22, 2013 (REUTERS/Tyrone Siu)
(REUTERS/Tyrone Siu) 
(REUTERS/Tyrone Siu) 
A television reporter speaks in front of the temple-like structure, August 22, 2013 (REUTERS/Tyrone Siu)  

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